Intel Skylake DDR3 vs. DDR4 Comparison

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In the introduction, we wondered whether DDR3's low clock speeds and resulting lack of bandwidth would hold back the performance of a Core i7-6700K. Based on our results, we have to say both yes and no. There are definitely instances when run-of-the-mill DDR3-1600 or even DDR3-2133 will be a bottleneck, but the numbers just aren't significant enough for us to sincerely recommend that you need to buy a DDR4 kit if you're trying to upgrade on a tight budget. If you already have a highly clocked DDR3 memory kit, definitely consider using it in a Skylake build. You will save money and achieve comparable performance to DDR4, but you need to be comfortable with the possibility of potential IMC damage and accept that no matter what there is an eventual DDR4 RAM purchase in your future.